Smile is the key to a one night hookup


If you are in a bar and night club googling this question, congratulations, you found the easiest and the most effective answer. Confidence and good mood is the foundation for a one night hookup. The best way to show them is to smile a lot. Smiling gives people an impression of confident, relaxed and easy-going impression.

If you are not a confident man, or you don’t have good techniques on hitting up with girls, you need to make yourself feel as much confident as possible. Keep a good mood, so that you can approach them without doubt and stress.

Some people would pretend to be cool and detached. If you are confident, it’s fine, because you will be hit up no matter what. However, if you are not very good at dealing with girls, showing an indifferent face won’t help you with any succeed.

When you walk into a bar or curvy dating club, smile and start t talk to some ladies. You don’t necessarily need to find someone to BBW dating with in them. It is just for practice, so that when the real opportunity comes, you can take it. Besides, if you can nail it from the beginning, that is even better. If not, consider this as a preparation step.

Smile even at night. When girls see you are happy, they would be happy and it also give them an impression that you are approachable. Sometimes, you might even be hit up by girls, but if not, it can be much better than plain eye contact for the whole night.

If you are not happy, you should smile even more. Science shows that smiling can exert a positive impact on your mind, even if you are down. If you are already very confident and even better you are the master in dealing wit girls, you can go ahead and approach them. Make them laugh, then you are already on the way to succeed. But if you are not very good at social interaction in bars and night clubs, smiling can also be a useful technique for you to use for the whole night, instead of waking into a bar and question yourself “should I be here?” or “how do I look?” This is exactly what makes some people seem unapproachable in bars.

Think about this: You walk into a bar and say “wow, this place is amazing.” Then walk to some ladies and smile “hey, what’s going on here? I just want to say hi, my name is Mike, how are you doing?” Very natural, right? 

Smile is the best way t make you feel better about yourself and make other people feel good about you. It helps you to enter the right mood and maintain that mood, instead of cracked down by people who don’t smile to you. You need to manage your emotion. Whether you are welcomed or not, you need to feel comfortable, instead of hoping other people to make you feel confortable.