Some Hook-up Tips for College Students


Accordingly, hookup culture started at campus and it’s prevalent among college students of course. Before going to the college, I had only one boyfriend but I thought that I’m so experienced in bbw dating. In fact, I had no idea of how to bbw hookup in college at that time. Now, I’ll give some tips for students just like I used to be.

1.If you want to make friends with the person you are hooking up with, tell them.

Whatever you only want to be friends with the person you are hooking up, or want more than friends. You should tell him and communicate with them sincerely. It’s not fair for set others on when you have no idea of having one night dating. Although this is a little embarrassed to say, it reduce a lot of trouble for afterward. Being honest, it’s a indispensable qualities in a mature man.

2.Respect your partner’s body

Maybe you are attracted by the person’s good qualities when you were chatting with them on BBW tinder apps. But at you first meeting, the partner’s figure maybe not perfect as your imagination. At the time, you must should be a mature man or woman. You should be respectful of your partner’s body, don’t judge a girl if she has a pot belly. And don’t judge a boy if he don’t satisfy your need. Everyone wants to be perfect, don’t be so mean.

3.Keep your bed sheets clean

If you intend to bring someone to your bedroom, a clean bed sheets may gives a better experience. Dirty bed sheets can make you feel disappointed. If you want to have a good one night stand on a dirty bed sheet, it is impossible. Even for your health, clean bed sheet can keep the bacteria away from you. 

4.Don’t hookup with the person is drunk or feed partner drinks.

Especially for boys, don’t feed girls drinks so you can hookup with them. Maybe the girl don’t want to have one night stand with you in her heart, but in this way you could be accused as a rapist. It’s not the same as hookup. What’ more, people may do some crazy things after drunk. It’s totally violating. 

5.Protect yourself whenever

If you are going to the bed, you must prepare a condom in your bag. Whenever or whatever, the condom is a must. Unless you want to have a baby. And you should check the condom whether break or not, taking the contraceptive pill if necessary. Besides, refuse your partner if the demand is unreasonable and you don’t like.

6.Think it’s a experience

Sometime, things aren’t perfect as you thought, maybe it a little uncomfortable. But of course you like the person you’re hooking up with, so just enjoy the time you spend together and remember the night.